Sandra Harris was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia in 1983. She spent her childhood playing team sports, re-drawing comic book illustrations, and exploring the rugged shorelines and forested mountains of the west coast with her family and friends. 

The subject matter of her paintings primarily deals with western Canada`s natural landscapes. Created with acrylic paints on canvas, she works from imagery she has collected herself of places that she has physically experienced via sea kayaking or on foot. Thus, the goal of her work is to relate the vibrancy of these landscapes to the viewer.

She received her Bachelor Of Fine Arts Degree With Distinction from the University of Victoria in 2007. Sandra currently lives and works in North Vancouver, Canada.

Artist Statement

My inspiration is the untamed Canadian landscape, but my passion in painting is to communicate the excitement that it evokes within me. I am always searching for a scene that is already art, so when I find it I feel like the moth in front of the flame. The beauty of it captivates me because I have found Nature that is in harmony with the nature within me. 

The goal of my work is to recreate or relate the experience of seeing and being in the landscapes to the viewer, and to hopefully awaken in one’s conscious mind a sense of wonder in the face of a beauty that hints towards something bigger than the human dimension.