The Artistic Process

Fresh Produce (Episode 5) – Sandra Harris

Filmed & Edited By Sean Campbell

So just as a bit of a backstory on how this video came to be…

Sean Campbell of Study Hall Productions is the man with the list of questions behind the camera who filmed and edited this video. Too many years ago Sean and I went to school together where we both played basketball, but hadn’t crossed paths until this past winter (2017) when he emailed me out of the blue to collaborate on a project that he was working on.

For the last while Sean has been creating a web series focused on exploring creativity — sort of a philosophical pondering of how art comes into being. Each episode highlights a different artist in a different medium and attempts to get into the head and heart of what it is that they do and why, i.e. the artistic process.

In hindsight perhaps I should have gussied myself up a bit more for the camera, but whatever.

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